Mr. & Mrs. Norman Weiss | Delray Beach, FL

We are 18-year residents of South Florida. We moved into our current home about 10 years ago. While we were pleased with the home’s features, we did want to do some customizing, and interviewed several homebuilders to do the work. A friend at my club recommended Mark Timothy Luxury Homes, Inc., and we met with the firm’s President, Mark Pulte. We were initially favorably impressed with his knowledge and integrity, and ultimately with his sense of urgency in completing the job to our entire satisfaction.

Mr. & Mrs. Sydney Swartz | Palm Beach County, FL and Boston, MA

We have made the trip from Boston to South Florida each winter for more than 13 years. About two years ago, we decided to move from a condo into our current home. We were fortunate to have chosen a Mark Timothy home, not only because of the home’s inherent quality and ease-of-maintenance, but also because of the commitment of the builder to absolute customer satisfaction. Although we’re not the original owners, we’re treated as such. After we moved in, for instance, Mark Timothy President, Mark Pulte, made an appointment to answer any questions we had and to explain the home’s features. We’ve had few problems, and none that were not satisfactorily addressed immediately.

Mr. Harold Pontius | Delray Beach, FL and Columbus, OH

After hearing many very favorable comments about the Mark Timothy organization, I contacted them about building my new home on an ocean-view lot I had recently purchased. Unfortunately, they were unable to take on a major new project at that time. I contracted another builder who subsequently went through numerous job superintendents and sub-contractors, leaving me with an unfinished home and no builder. I went back to Mark Timothy and explained my problem to their president, Mark Pulte. He understood the situation and immediately took over the project. There was no contract; we simply shook hands. His superintendent, Pete, took over, arranged to immediately get subcontractors back on the job, and the project back on schedule. The result was a fabulous home built by true craftsmen and managed by professionals of extremely high integrity and commitment. I can’t say enough about the Mark Timothy organization.

Mr. & Mrs. Mel Weitz | Palm Beach County, FL

After selling our business in New York, we moved to Florida about four years ago. We had owned one of the largest homes in Lido Beach, and wanted something comparable here. What we found far exceeded our expectations. Our real estate agent showed us a Mark Timothy home on the Intracoastal, and we knew immediately this was it. The workmanship is really astonishing, down to the very smallest detail. Equally astonishing, even thought we’re not the original owner, Mark Timothy’s president, Mark Pulte, frequently calls and visits to make certain there are no problems with our home. We’re elated with our choice.